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    Photograph of Muhammad ‘Ali (Cassius Clay) in ihram on Legacy-collections Sphere from

    This photograph was taken during Muhammad ‘Ali’s Hajj of January 1972. It was licenced by the United Press International (UPI) agency and dated 1/4/72. The caption states: ‘Ali the pilgrim. Mecca, Saudi Arabia: Clad in a white robe and flanked by fellow-pilgrims, Muhamad Ali (center), the former Cassius Clay, prays inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca during his New Year’s pilgrimage to the Sanctum of the Moslem world. The ex-world champion appealed to the public to never call him by his former name again. He also said that after visiting the prophet’s tomb in Medina he became convinced that he can defeat Joe Frazier, the ruling boxing heavyweight world champ.’

    Photograph of Muhammad ‘Ali (Cassius Clay) in ihram