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    Brown-glazed pilgrim flask with leather strap on Legacy-collections Sphere from

    The well of Zamzam is believed to have been discovered by Hagar and Ismael, after being abandoned by Abraham in Mecca. It was later rediscovered by ‘Abd al-Muttalib, Prophet Muhammad’s grandfather, who is credited with having dug several wells, most importantly that of Zamzam. From then on the responsibility of giving water to pilgrims was to remain in the lineage of one of his sons. Water from the well of Zamzam was previously collected in buckets by a rope pulley mechanism and then transferred to earthenware vessels, such as this. Now the well is entirely managed subterraneously by electric pumps and the King ‘Abdullah Zamzam Water Factory produces approximately 200,000 bottles of water a day.

    Brown-glazed pilgrim flask with leather strap