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    Sitarah for the Prophet’s mosque in Medina on Legacy-collections Sphere from

    That this curtain was intended for the rawda is suggested by the text in the large medallion at the top. It consists of a hadith of the Prophet, ma bayna qabri wa minbari rawda min riyad al-janna (‘Between my tomb and my minbar is one of the gardens of Paradise’). The same text appears above the mihrab in the rawdah. The sitarah bears the tughra of Sultan Mahmud I. He is known to have practised the art of calligraphy and a number of sitarahs commissioned by him for the Prophet’s mosque bear his pear-shaped signature cartouche which reads, katabahu al-‘abd Mahmud bin ‘Abdulhamid khan (‘written by the servant [of God] Mahmud, the son of ‘Abdulhamid Khan’).

    Sitarah for the Prophet’s mosque in Medina