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    Large metal tray with a view of Mecca on Legacy-collections Sphere from

    This large metal tray with scalloped rim is painted with a view of Mecca and the Masjid al-Haram surrounded by floral bouquets on a bright green ground. It was probably made in the 19th century in Europe for the Ottoman market. This style of tray was often made with central depictions illustrating significant locations in Istanbul, which makes this view particularly unique. The depiction of Mecca is clear and striking, some significant locations in the vicinity depicted as small buildings and domes, including the Mu‘alla graveyard (to the bottom left) and a mosque (to the top left) which used to stand at the cave of Hira on top of Jabal al-Nur, the place where Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation.

    Large metal tray with a view of Mecca