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    Once the rituals of Hajj were complete, some pilgrims would purchase a certificate, as a souvenir but also as a means of attesting the completion of their pilgrimage. It is permissible for pilgrims to perform the pilgrimage on behalf of others, alive or dead and in this case, a Hajj by proxy certificate was issued. This would allow the pilgrim on whose behalf the pilgrimage was made, to have a formal document proving its completion. The text specifies that the pilgrim entered the state of ihram at Miqat al-Tan‘im, entered the mosque through Bab al-‘Umrah, did the tawaf al-‘umrah, completed two prayers behind the Maqam, completed the ‘umrah sa‘y, then shaved. The date is 12 Dhul Hijjah 1324 (1 January 1907) There is. a hadith [to the left of the depiction of the mosque] that states: The prophet PBUH said, a ‘umrah during the month of Ramadan is equivalent to a hajj with me.

    Printed certificate by proxy