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    Al-jamrah al-Ula, Mina on Collections Sphere from

    Mina is known for three pillars, successively known as al-jamrah al-'ula, al-jamrah al-wusta and al-jamrah al-ʿaqaba. These three locations are where the ritual of ramy al-jamarat, the ritual throwing of stones, takes place. The ritual involves pilgrims returning from Arafat, and the act of throwing stones at each of these pillars, which are in close proximity to each other. The pillars themselves represent devils, following on from traditions involving Adam, but predominately Abraham and Ishmael who were confronted by Satan at these three points, in order to prevent the sacrifice of Ishmael. The devil was resisted and pelted with stones. The act generally signifies a metaphorical ousting of the devil.

    Al-jamrah al-Ula, Mina