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    The Mahmal Passing Through Cairo by Richard Dalton on Collections Sphere from

    Between 1746 and 1754, Lord Charlemont, James Caulfield, 1st Earl of Charlemont embarked on a Grand Tour of Europe. Whilst in Sicily in 1749, Charlemont encountered Richard Dalton, a draftsman and engraver, whom he asked to accompany him and his travelling companions onwards to Greece and Egypt in order to provide illustrations for his essays. Dalton travelled with Charlemont until 1750 during which time he made many drawings of landscapes, customs and events and was known as the first Englishman to make drawings in these regions. Some of these drawings were published in ‘Antiquities and views in Greece and Egypt’, which was published definitively in 1791 and included engraved sketches of important sites beyond Italy. Notably Dalton also seems to have taken great interest in the annual Hajj procession, and sketched eight different parts of the ceremonies (it is said while concealed in a nearby house), each labelled with an extensive caption. Dalton went on to become librarian to King George III.

    The Mahmal Passing Through Cairo by Richard Dalton